MotherWise International

In 1981, Denise Glenn would have never imagined that God would take the Bible study she began teaching to five ladies and spread it throughout the world. But today, that is just what He is doing! Since 2000, when the MotherWise Prayer Network began praying for the nations of the world to come to know Christ, God has swung wide doors of opportunity for this ministry to reach many of those nations.

As God began to open doors for MotherWise and FatherWise around the world, David and Denise Glenn, ministry founders, realized that an umbrella organization was needed to include MotherWise, FatherWise, the Prayer Network and whatever else God may continue to unfold. Kardo International Ministries was founded to be that umbrella as a 501 (3) C non-profit organization. In amazing ways, God has provided the people and the financial resources for translations in: English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Russian, Korean, Mongolian, Telugu (India), Kiswahili, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Philippines), and Indonesian. Currently translations are in progress for Polish, with French, and Romanian in early stages of consideration.

God has also shown us many countries that can use either English or translations other than their national language due to occupation of their country by other nations. For example: the Russian translation can be used in Ukraine because Russian was taught in the Ukrainian schools during the Russian occupation of Ukraine and English can be used in Kenya due to their British cultural heritage.

International Contacts