Booking Denise and David Glenn

Speaking Engagement Process

  1. Use our website to review a list of topics that can be presented at your event.
  2. Make the initial email or phone call to request David or Denise for your event. Have as much information as possible ready to give the Kardo representative.  Click here to use our booking form or contact us via phone.  The form will generate an email to our booking contact personnel.

    Contact Info:

    Phone: (713) 849-9335
    Toll Free: 1-888-272-6972

  3. Our office will check with the Glenn’s regarding their schedules and contact you to let you know of their availability.
  4. When the event is confirmed, a Speaker Agreement will be sent to you. Please read and sign and mail back to the Kardo office:

    Mailing Address:

    8300 Katy Freeway
    Houston, Texas 77024

    If it is an international event, we will email you the agreement and you may email it back.
    When we receive your signed agreement, the event will be placed on the Calendar on our website and at our office.

  5. A folder will be set up for that event at Kardo, and communication will continue between Kardo and the host church or group.
  6. Any communication between Kardo & your group should be saved in a folder both on computer & hard copy; any pertinent information that you might need immediately, please print out a hard copy & file in folder. When phone calls come from Kardo and/or your group, you will have the information you need at your “finger tips.”
  7. Kardo will make the travel arrangements with you prior approval of flight times and costs. Flights will not be booked until we have speaker & host group approval.  Once flights are booked, we will send email confirmation to the speaker & the host group.
  8. As time approaches for the event, our Kardo office will need to know approximate number of participants, so the appropriate number of materials for the book table will be packed and shipped ahead. Materials will need to go out in time to arrive a day or two before the event. Please let our office know the number needed in time. (The amount of materials shipped will be based on the approximate number attending the event – usually 10% of the number expected to attend.)
  9. The Kardo office will check with your group and the speaker to make sure all needs have been met in preparation for the event.
  10. We will follow up when possible with your group after the event. Please send us any pertinent feedback so we may better serve your church and others in the future.