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Topic Titles


Wisdom for Fathers can help you find Biblical answers to your important questions about marriage, children, work, and ministry. You’ll learn to bring order to your life when you discover the truth about your relationship with God, your wife, your children, your work and your ministry. David uses his West Texas genuine man’s man approach to teach Wisdom for Fathers as practical, Biblical lessons and tips based on God’s Word.  These devotional guides are now available in English, Spanish, Korean, and Russian!

Session Topics:

  • Session 1: My Relationship with God-Foundational Truth to Knowing Him
  • Session 2: My Relationship with My Wife- My Role and Goal in Marriage as a Husband
  • Session 3: My Relationship with My Children- Raising Godly Kids in an Ungodly World
  • Session 4: My Relationship with the World- My Work (What the Bible Says about Work) and Ministry (Having a Heart for Service)

The Theme:

Proverbs 1


Men, your family is looking to you for spiritual leadership, provision for physical needs and emotional support. That is a tall order.  How will you pull it off? You know you can’t give what you don’t have. Where does a man go to get his needs met so he can meet the needs of his family?  How can we be empowered as men to fulfill such a calling?

If your hearts cry is to know Christ and His power in your relationships, this study in John 15 is for you. This meeting is for men of all ages. Invite your friends to come. Hear David's Bible study combined with his genuine personal stories. Be set free to reach your highest potential for Him.

Session Topics:

  • Session 1: The Principle of the Vine: Filling Your Life with the Power Source
  • Session 2: The Principle of the Branches: The Wrong Way to Get Your Needs Met
  • Session 3: The Principle of the Shears: Victory Comes with Surrender
  • Session 4: The Principle of the Fruit: Living the Resurrected Life

The Theme:

John 15:5- "I am the vine; you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me you can do nothing."

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Kardo is the home of MotherWise and FatherWise...and it is much more. We offer bible study resources, leadership training, guides, curriculum, and conferences in 26 countries for Christian men and women who are looking for biblical instruction and advice on total commitment to Christ in marriage, parenting, work, ministry, finances, prayer, fasting, worship, and the love of Christ for His Bride.
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