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Starting a MotherWise Bible Study Group

step by step process for starting a group

  1. Gather a group of friends together to pray for God’s leadership.  Pray for women God wants to be in the group, people to help you with your group needs, a place to meet, and childcare needs to be met.
  2. You will need to contact the Kardo office in Houston or in your country to obtain workbooks for the women in your group. Click here for contact info.
  3. Depending on where you will be holding your MotherWise group you will need to obtain permission from your pastor, leader or husband.
  4. Find other moms who are interested in taking the study through neighbors, friends, school, church or family.  Ask permission to put signs up at your church about the study with your contact information. Talk to the women who want to attend and see how many will be in the group, when and where it will be convenient to meet and whether you need help with childcare.
  5. If your group is larger than 6-10 members you may consider getting someone to help you.  This role is called a mentor.   A mentor is a godly woman who is growing in her faith and has a heart for other mothers and their children.  Titus 2:4  
  6. If you choose to use the DVD, you’ll need a DVD player and a television to play the DVD series that accompanies the study.  You do not have to use the video but it really enhances the study and allows you to hear Denise Glenn, the author, teach the lessons.  You may consider purchasing a set with another church or group to share the expense.
  7. There are several formats you may choose from:

    2 Hour Format- Bible study first:
    1. 40 minutes - Bible Study (Introduce the lesson and watch the DVD)
    2. 40 minutes- Prayer Groups
    3. 40 minutes- Discussion of Bible study lesson and mothering/marriage skills

    90 minute Format- discussing and praying first:
    1. 30 minutes -  share prayer requests and pray (break into smaller groups if necessary)
    2. 30 minutes -  to discuss mothering skills and/or questions and ideas from the workbook lesson that was done as homework
    3. 30 minutes -  for the DVD series for the next lesson
  8. First meeting suggestions:  meet and greet each other, if possible show introduction video, give out workbooks, instruct each woman on how to pray within a MotherWise group (confidentiality a must), show each woman the pages to do for homework before the next meeting (week 1).

Leadership Roles in MotherWise

Class Coordinator: This person should have the gift of administration and be able to pay attention to details. Here are a few of her responsibilities:

  • Get approval from church if meeting there or husband if meeting in your home.
  • Schedule a day and time for meeting.
  • Invite ladies to come.
  • Get additional help (mentors) if needed
  • Order materials
  • Begin each session

Mentor: A mentor is a facilitator of a small group.  She is a wise and trusted teacher or counselor.  Titus 2:3-5 and 2 Timothy 2:1,2,15 (3:16) You will need additional women to be mentors if your group is larger than 6-10.  These responsibilities are:

  • Be available to the women in her small group
  • Lead prayer time in the small group (explain confidentiality)
  • Check on the moms in her group during the week and offer encouragement
  • Minister to women in her group in time of need
  • Show love and acceptance to each member, exhibit warmth and unconditional love, and show sensitivity to each person.  Isaiah 61:1-13 and Romans 8:1

Monthly Leadership Prayer Time

If at all possible, your leadership group should meet at least once a month (once a week is better) to pray for your MotherWise ministry. This is not a time to share your small mentoring group’s prayer requests because those should be kept confidential within your small group unless the woman has asked you to share her request. This is a time to pray for MotherWise in your area and for the prayer requests of your leadership team.

The three basic components of a MotherWise Group: Bible Study, Prayer, and Discussion.

Bible Study

This component of the MotherWise group is where members are taught specific Biblical lessons. The lessons are taught via DVD by Denise Glenn. Denise's natural teaching style is authentic, accurate, and endearing to mothers of all ages. MotherWise student workbooks are used for individual study and daily devotion to encourage and educate group members to develop a daily walk with our Lord and Savior. Women will discover from the Scriptures the principles for spiritual growth, marriage, and parenting.


This component of the MotherWise group is when members break into smaller groups for a more intimate time of sharing and praying together for their individual and corporate concerns. Mentoring Moms and/or Team leaders lead the small group prayer segment of each meeting. Women praying with women about their concerns is a powerful part of each MotherWise meeting. MotherWise provides specific guidelines for prayer that have proven to be very effective in group settings.

Click here for Prayer time guidelines. They are also printed within our Leader's Guides.

Discussion/Mothering Skills

MotherWise Mentoring Moms/Team Leaders lead the women to discuss practical life skills about marriage, parenting, and other issues related to women. Using the discussion questions in the workbooks, these skills cover such topics as effective discipline, creating a quiet time, proper family nutrition, and communication with your child, etc. Creative leaders may choose to use different methods such as skits, activities, and dramas to make discussion more fun. Ideas to get your thinking started are in the Leader's Resources.

Click here to get started. (Guidelines for teaching MotherWise Skills are also found in the Leader's Guide.)

So, with all this information before me where do I start?

Prayer. Ask God if you are called to lead MotherWise in your church, neighborhood, workplace or community. If you get a green light, check out our Webstore for information on each study. We recommend starting with a sample pack of Wisdom for Mothers. It will contain all the information you need to understand and get started leading the women in your area. We also have area leaders in several states in the U.S. and in various locations around the world. We would be delighted to help you get started.

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