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The Kardo Story

In 1981, out of a personal struggle within her own marriage and having overcome a trial of infertility, Denise Glenn, our co-founder, was surrounded by a group of older women in her church who committed to pray and mentor her with the truth of God’s Word.  Through this time of prayer and studying scripture, Denise’s marriage began a process of transformation. Denise began sharing what she had learned with a small group of other mothers. This small group began sharing and growing as they studied the Bible and encouraged Denise to write the lessons she was teaching them.  In 1982, Wisdom for Mothers, Denise’s first Bible study was compiled as a workbook and shared with other churches. Wisdom for Mothers was more than just a one-time Bible study; it was a discipleship tool where mature mothers mentored small groups of younger mothers to train them in prayer, the study of God’s Word and practical mothering skills.  It became the MotherWise ministry.

In 1997, Denise wrote Freedom for Mothers, sharing what God was teaching her in how to “release” her grown children into God’s hands.  After receiving reports of families being transformed by women applying the teaching in their own lives, David Glenn sensed a growing need to teach and encourage men to be the leaders God has called them to be.  He wrote and published Freedom for Fathers in response to this need, launching the FatherWise ministry.

As the Glenn’s and a prayer team began praying for doors of opportunity to reach the nations, God began moving in unprecedented ways in the ministry to allow the materials to be translated into several languages.  David and Denise recognized a rising need to have a more structured “governing” body for all that God was doing, including studies beyond MotherWise and FatherWise.  Kardo Ministries, a non-profit organization, was formed to oversee and guide the operations of the ministry that now included bible studies for all ages and stages, not only in English but in 11 translations.

Why Kardo? The word Kardo is derived from the Greek word “cardia” meaning “of the heart”. The “cardo” was the center of ancient cities in Israel. Families came to the “cardo” for their practical, social and religious activities to recharge and refuel. Then they went back to their farms and villages richer for having come together at the “cardo.” The C was changed to a K because K is a universal letter in most languages. Thus Kardo is the perfect name to describe our ministry.   

With grown daughters and looking forward to planning their weddings, Denise began researching what God’s Word says about marriage and wedding traditions. As a result, Restore My Heart was birthed as in-depth Bible study about God’s Love for the church as His Bride, based on Jewish wedding traditions.  In 2003, Denise and David moved to Indonesia on assignment with David’s job as a geophysicist. During this time in Indonesia, they were able to learn firsthand the experiences of the persecuted church and the power of committing to the disciplines of secret praying, fasting and giving. With the combined help of other committed believers, Denise then penned a bible study based on these disciplines in Keeping the Secrets of Jesus.

In 2010, Denise was asked to teach a conference based on II Timothy 1:6, “…fan into flame the gift of God.” Studying for that conference led to an intense period of research on worship and resulted in the newest study, “Fan the Flame”.

Various Kardo studies are available in Russian, Spanish, Mandarin, Korean, German, Indonesian, Kiswahili, Vietnamese, Mongolian, Tagalog (the Philippines) and Telugu (India); with French and Polish in development.

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Kardo is the home of MotherWise and FatherWise...and it is much more. We offer bible study resources, leadership training, guides, curriculum, and conferences in 26 countries for Christian men and women who are looking for biblical instruction and advice on total commitment to Christ in marriage, parenting, work, ministry, finances, prayer, fasting, worship, and the love of Christ for His Bride.
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