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Mission Opportunities

Is your church or ministry interested in taking MotherWise or FatherWise or other Kardo bible studies on a mission trip?

Kardo materials are being used around the world to reach people for Christ and to disciple them in being the men and women God has called them to be. Our materials are great resources to take on mission trips. Many churches have taken MotherWise and FatherWise internationally to use to minister all over the globe in various types of settings from churches, to orphanages and villages.

Using our materials on missions trips

During 2005, Kardo began a partnership program with a church that has a tremendous vision for global missions. With the written consent and partnership from Kardo, that church developed a model of using MotherWise materials while on missions to other countries. It is the prayer of Kardo Ministries that more partnerships like this one will develop in the future. As Kardo bible studies are held in churches across America and other nations, God is equipping leaders and mentors to take these Bible study materials to people across the globe.

If you are interested in further information for using Kardo/MotherWise/FatherWise materials on mission trips, please contact the home office: 1-888-272-6972 or email us at info@kardo.org.


Using our materials on a mission trip is an easy way for English speakers to disciple people in other nations. Those going on mission take the courses themselves, then share the materials at the mission point. Already translated workbooks, DVD’s and CD’s are available in several languages. Mission teams teach the materials and facilitate small groups for prayer and discussion. They then leave the leader’s guides, DVD’s, CD’s and workbooks for the local national leaders who attended their seminars so they can begin discipling those in their region. We use the following to disciple:

Model—Mentor—Monitor—Move On

  • Model - Show them how
  • Mentor - Assist them to do it
  • Monitor - Watch them do it
  • Move On - Let go and let the national team take ownership

Translations Available:

  • Wisdom for Mothers - English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Telugu, Vietnamese, Indonesian, German, Tagalog, Swahili, and Mongolian. The Polish translation is almost complete.
  • Wisdom for Fathers - English, Russian, Korean, and Spanish.
  • Freedom for Mothers - English, Indonesian, Spanish and Russian. 
  • Restore My Heart - English, Indonesian, Russian, and Spanish.
  • Keeping the Secrets of Jesus - Indonesian and the Russian  translation is almost complete.

While we are very excited that your church or organization is interested in using our materials internationally we do have the following guidelines, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation:

  • If you are a church or ministry group seeking to use any of the MotherWise or FatherWise materials, permission must be obtained from Kardo Ministries before taking the materials overseas on a mission trip.  We are delighted that you are interested in using these materials and would love to discuss this with you!
  • While there may be cultural differences and changes in our materials may be desired, no changes may be made in our materials without our written consent.  Should such change be permitted by Kardo, it will be at the expense of your group, not Kardo.
  • Pricing of materials used on overseas mission opportunities must be obtained through Kardo.  Permission for photocopying of MotherWise or FatherWise materials to be used on overseas mission trips due to unavailability of materials in the country must be obtained through Kardo, as these are copyrighted materials. 

Click on the links below to download

In addition to the Mission Trip Proposal Form, Kardo also has guidelines and suggestions as well as cultural information to assist you. Our materials have been used on short-term missions in Russia,  Ukraine, East Asia, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Kenya, Botswana, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and Zambia just to name a few places!

"I am the Lord, I have called you in righteousness, I will also hold you by the hand and watch over you. And I will appoint you as a covenant to the people as a light to the nations." Isaiah 42:6

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