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Prayer Time Guidelines / 7 Days of Prayer

Your prayer group should have approximately 5-6 women. The groups can be pre-assigned, or can form on the first meeting day. In your small group prayer time, you will encourage each woman to share sentence prayer requests and to pray short, simple, sentence prayers over each request of others in her group.  Enter prayer time in a reverent spirit.  

Prayer Time Guidelines

  1. Sit closely together in small groups of up to six women.
  2. Each person pray for each request.
  3. Pray sentence prayers.
  4. Please keep your prayer requests limited to yourself and your immediate family. While we realize that prayer for our extended family and friends is very important, our conference prayer time together is limited.
  5. Please remember that what you discuss in your prayer time is private.  The requests lifted up in prayer groups must be kept confidential within the group.

We hope that you feel comfortable in sharing yourself with the group. It is our desire that the atmosphere in the prayer groups will be loving, open, and accepting.

In general, we will try to follow the “Six S’s for Prayer Time” as outlined by Evelyn Christenson in her book entitled, What Happens When Women Pray.  

The six “S’s” for prayer time

  1. Subject by Subject - each person pray over one subject
  2. Short Prayers - one sentence
  3. Simple Prayers
  4. Specific Prayer Requests
  5. Silent Periods are okay!
  6. Small Groups- not more than 6 persons

These are suggested guidelines. Remember, the goal is for everyone to be comfortable praying. The only caution is that the group stays focused on praying for each prayer request and avoids too much discussion about the request. Prayer time together is a vital part of our groups. We look forward to all that God will do in it and through it. After your group has finished praying, if time permits, allow the women to talk very quietly.  Remember to whisper until all the groups have finished praying.

7 Days of Prayer

We believe prayer should be the foundation of any MotherWise class.

The following Scriptures and prayers, compiled by Diane Daniel, our Mid-South Regional Representative, are a great place to begin with your new group. Invite your leadership team to gather together to pray for the ladies who will be in your class and for yourselves.

Day 1: Prayer for Myself as a Student.

Read Psalm 19: 7-11, Hebrews 4:12 
“Lord, empty my mind and heart of my ideas and thoughts; fill me with Your Words & Wisdom. Let me see and learn new principles from Your Word that will make me a better woman, wife, and mother. Fill me with excitement of what I am personally going to be learning from this Bible study.”

Day 2: Prayer for Myself as a Leader

Read 2 Tim. 3: 16&17, 4:2-5; Titus 2:3 
“Lord, I humbly accept my role as a mentoring mom to younger women in my church.  I am not a ‘know-it-all’ mom, just one who has been there in the trenches and can relate to the highs and lows of being a wife and mother. As I “train” younger women, help me to teach what is good, correct, and to stay true to the Word of God.”

Day 3: Prayer for the Women taking MotherWise

Read Titus 2: 4&5 
“Lord, I pray You will bring the women to our study that need to be there at this moment in time. Clear their schedules, make this a priority, and give them a purposeful heart about learning what YOU want them to know about their role as the heart of their home.  Help me to be well prepared for each class, ‘listen’ more than speak, and be an encourager to these moms of all ages.”

Day 4: Prayer for Harmony among Leadership

Read Psalm 19:14; Prov. 16:24; Isaiah 26:3; John 17: 23
“Lord, we pray for harmony and a united purpose among our MotherWise leaders and the women teaching other Bible studies at the same hour. We do not want competition or jealousy to overshadow YOUR purpose in the lives of each woman attending Bible study. We don’t want to give Satan that foothold to disrupt and distract us from Your Word. Let peace and harmony begin with me!”

Day 5: Prayer for the Dividing of Classes

Read 1 Corinthians 13; Ephesians 4: 2-3 
“Lord, we know this is always a sensitive issue with women when we divide into smaller groups. We want to be with our friends and feel comfortable! Help us, as leaders, to set aside our feelings and view each woman as a unique child of God with precious value and worth to you and to her family. Help us stay positive and encouraging when women grumble or complain about which group they are placed in. Open the door for new and lasting friendships.”

Day 6: Prayer for the Church Facilities and Staff

Read 2 Corinthians 9:12; Phil. 4:19
“Lord, we pray for __________ who is overseeing our needs for this class. Help us to communicate well what we need to help things go smoothly. Thank you for _________ who is setting up for us each week. We pray the heat, lights, nursery, DVD equipment, classrooms, etc. will be prepared and provide a comfortable setting where women can learn and absorb truth from Your Word. We thank you for the staff at ___________ church who have encouraged the teaching of MotherWise.”

Day 7: Prayer for our First Day of Class

Read Psalm 118: 24; Psalm 122: 1; 3 John 2
“Lord, today is the day we have prepared for and anticipated. We pray that leaders and participates will wake up early today, be in good health, children compliant, husbands happy, and their morning will go smoothly as we come together for our first day of Bible study. We rejoice and give this day to YOU!”

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