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MotherWise International

In 1981, Denise Glenn would have never imagined that God would take the Bible study she began teaching to five ladies and spread it throughout the world. But today, that is just what He is doing!  Since 2000, when the MotherWise Prayer Network began praying for the nations of the world to come to know Christ, God has swung wide doors of opportunity for this ministry to reach many of those nations.

As God began to open doors for MotherWise and FatherWise around the world, David and Denise Glenn, ministry founders, realized that an umbrella organization was needed to include MotherWise, FatherWise, the Prayer Network and whatever else God may continue to unfold. Kardo International Ministries was founded to be that umbrella as a 501 (3) C non-profit organization.  In amazing ways, God has provided the people and the financial resources for translations in: English, Spanish, Mandarin, German, Russian, Korean, Mongolian, Telugu (India), Kiswahili, Vietnamese, Tagalog (Philippines), and Indonesian. Currently translations are in progress for Polish, with French, and Romanian in early stages of consideration.

God has also shown us many countries that can use either English or translations other than their national language due to occupation of their country by other nations. For example: the Russian translation can be used in Ukraine because Russian was taught in the Ukrainian schools during the Russian occupation of Ukraine and English can be used in Kenya due to their British cultural heritage.

Currently, MotherWise has offices with staff and points of distribution in the following:

North America


U.S.A. phone: 1-888-272-6972
Fax: 1-713-849-5893
11875 West Little York #104
Houston, TX 77041

South America - MadreSabia

Celia Robertson
Phone +(5982) 6014664
Mobile +(598) 95154470
Limburgo 1390
CP 11400

Africa – MotherWise Africa

Onesmus and Joyce Weru
Phone 020 2737961
Fax 020 2736978
P.O. Box 53111-00200
Nairobi, Kenya

MotherWise in Kenya - MotherWise ministry is a ministry whose purpose is to: Embrace, Educate, and Encourage mothers to fulfill God’s purpose in their lives. The ministry was first introduced to Kenya in October, 2005. Two seminars were held with 150 ladies reached. Out of these two meetings 20 groups were formed. In June, 2006, a big launch was done by Denise Glenn, the author and the founder of MotherWise, who was the main speaker. The meetings were held in the cities of Nairobi, Nakuru and Kisumu, Kenya, respectively. 420 ladies, pastors’ wives and women leaders attended the seminars. Over 33 different churches were represented. Out of these, 35 groups were formed. These groups have kept increasing. In 2007, two more seminars were held in Eldoret and Mombasa. Earlier this year, David and Denise returned to Kenya to launch Freedom for Mothers and Wisdom for Fathers. Out of these, many new groups have emerged and are in session. Currently we have over 65 groups in Kenya.

Europe – MudrostMatery

Russia – Larissa Matina
Phone: 7-095-256-83-65

Ukraine – Svitlana Lagoda
Phone 0332 721377
Mobile 80505488637
Danyla Galytskogo
13/3 Lutsk, Ukraine  43016??
Phone: 380332-21377
Mobile: 380505488637
Lutsk m/b 1743010


Korea – Enny Kim
Won Chon Dong San 73-6
Young Tong Gu, Suwon, Korea 443-380


Sue McArthur or Sue Ford
sue.mcarthur@motherwise.org or dasmac@iinet.net.au
Call: +61 400778398

Kardo/MotherWise classes are hosted at the following:

Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Perth
Contact: Sue McArthur 
0400 778 398 or Church office on 9329 1777

Kalgoorlie Baptist Church
Contact: Chrissy Hatfield

Kununnara Baptist Church
Contact: Margaret Conley

Toodyay “The Factory” Church
Contact: Joy Pragnell

Our materials are available at The Resource Centre, Located at Mt Pleasant Baptist Church
Contact: David or Brigette Fields +61 8 9329 1777
They can fill your order with most materials already in stock. Or you may order from Koorong or Koorong.com or you may order from our on-line store. 

MotherWise Hong Kong

For more information on MotherWise Hong Kong please contact info@motherwise.org.

MotherWise Indonesia

Contact: Judy Williams, MotherWise Indonesia Director, judy@motherwise.org
Ai May Ong, MotherWise Indonesia Administrator, aimay@motherwise.org

MotherWise INDONESIA Representative Office
Call: +62 813 111 62 458
Email: Indonesia@motherwise.org
Both Bahasa Indonesia and English spoken

MotherWise Materials Used for the Poor:
The materials are being used by Compassion International (CI) to reach out to the mothers in the Child Survivor Program. Fifteen groups have been formed by CI. The following is a report from a project director in Indonesia at Compassion International’s Child Survivor Program (a program to minister to young mothers with preschool children).

Greetings from East Indonesia! We are glad that MotherWise has existed and blessed the mothers in our projects!Kindly inform you that we have 19 projects of Child Survival Program (CSP) in East Indonesia, spread from North Sulawesi to Papua. Each project has 45 to 55 beneficiaries, and each beneficiary is counted as mother-child unit. These mother-child units are the neediest people in their community. They have lack of education, knowledge and resources. About 85% of the projects are using MotherWise, even though not all of beneficiaries have the book and bring it home. Most of all use it as the guidance for Bible study at the group activities. The mothers will sit as a small group, discuss the topic and the questions as a group. Each of them has opportunity to share and talk about their experiences, thoughts and ideas. The implementers of CSP have testified that it makes the mothers become more open each other. They are supporting their peers in prayer and better in the relationship among them and in their own family. In the future, we have expectancy that MotherWise will bless more the mothers in East Indonesia, especially through our projects. May the mothers and all their families feel the blessings of God more by using MotherWise. Thank you and may God bless you all!  You can help us provide resources for our partnership with Compassion International by donating to Kardo. One small group kit, containing the materials in the appropriate language costs less than $200. You can make an incredible impact on these precious mothers and their children!

MotherWise Korea

For more information about MotherWise Korea, please visit our MotherWise Korea website at: http://www.motherwise.or.kr/mw/index.php
Or contact: Enny Kin, Motherwise@suwoncca.org
Won Chon Dong San 73-6
Young Tong Gu, Suwon, Korea 443-380
For more information about MotherWise Korea within the United States please contact our U.S. Representative, Jung Lee at Junglee@motherwise.org

MotherWise South and Central America

Es una ayuda esencial para madres de todas las edades y etapas, proporcionando la instrucción bíblica y práctica que las madres necesitan para avanzar en esta sociedad caótica y cambiante. Los materiales de estudio bíblico de Denise Glenn le ayudarán a profundizar en la Palabra de Dios para encontrar las respuestas que usted busca, con el fin de educar a su descendencia en los preceptos de Dios y a edificar un matrimonio sólido. Usted se beneficiará de sus experiencias como una madre experta, mientras logra aprender sobre el matrimonio y las habilidades que una madre debe tener. MadreSabia es más que los materiales... es una comunidad de madres que se unen para orar y fortalecerse una a la otra en el llamado de la maternidad.

Haga clic aquí  y espere para ver un video de una reciente conferencia de MadreSabia (MotherWise) en Perú."

Nuestra Visión

Nuestro objetivo es de inspirar a las madres a profesar la fe en Jesucristo, y entregarles a nuestros hijos la bendición de poder comunicar su fe eficazmente. Además queremos que profundicen en su caminar con Jesucristo a través de un estudio bíblico intensivo y poder proveerles información sobre las habilidades que como mamá deben tener, las cuáles les darán las herramientas para fortalecer a sus hijos y no para debilitarlos. Creemos que ha llegado el momento de lanzar un programa de mayor alcance para las madres de América.

Nunca antes en la historia de América había habido niños más necesitados de contar con padres fuertes, ni tampoco había habido madres más desesperadas en busca de respuestas.

"Porque si callas absolutamenete en este tiempo, respiro y liberación vendrá de alguna otra parte...Y quién sabe si para esta hora has llegado al reino?" (Ester 4.14)

Nuestra Misión

Nuestro Ministerio tiene una misión global de acoger, educar y animar familias en una entrega absoluta y confianza total en Cristo. Somos una comunidad de creyentes que trabajamos en red para alcanzar los corazones de familias del mundo a través de estudios bíblicos y una red de oración mundial de intercesión.


Para contactarnos:

En Estados Unidos
Dirección física:
11875 West Little York
Suite # 104
Houston, Tx. 77041
Línea en español: 888-272-6972

Correo electrónico
South America MadreSabia
Celia Robertson - celia@madresabia.org
Phone: +(5982) 6001364 
Mobile +(598) 95154470 New!!
Adress: 6298 Siria St     
CP: 11400  Montevideo - Uruguay New!!!

Catalogo de Productos
Sabiduría para madres, por Denise GlennSabiduría para Madres es un estudio de diez semanas que le ayudará a encontrar respuestas bíblicas a sus interrogantes acerca de matrimonio, hijos y trabajo. También aprenderá a aumentar sus destrezas y habilidades, al final de cada lección encontrará consejos prácticos diseñados para madres de todas las edades. Este estudio bíblico esta basado en Proverbios 31, está disponible en libro de trabajo, DVD, guía para líder.

Restaura mi Corazón, por Denise Glenn
Investiga la Palabra de Dios en este penetrante estudio bíblico de seis semanas sobre el amor de Cristo por ti y su invitación a que lo recibas. Descubre como esta verdades eternas han sido ilustradas para la mujer actual con las antiguas costumbres y tradiciones nupciales judías. Descubre la pasión del Señor Dios por su pueblo; como te ama con ternura y compasión, tal como eres; y su deseo de adornarte con generosidad con sus valiosos dones. Este estudio está disponible en libro de trabajo, DVD, guía para líder.

Nubia Devine
Nació en Colombia y creció en Venezuela, Nubia Devine tiene una pasión ministrando a mujeres hispanas. Ella trabajó como traductora del Dr. Ed Young en la Segunda Iglesia Bautista, Houston, Tx. Nubia a sido maestra de escuela dominical, consejera y ahora maestra en casa de seis hijos. Nubia es la expositora en español para el Ministerio MadreSabia, ministrando mujeres hispanas en Estados Unidos, Centroamérica, Sudamérica y España. Nubia habla a las mujeres de una manera acogedora y motivadora, alcanzando mujeres de todas las edades con el amor de Jesús.

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