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Kardo Bible Studies

  • In this section you'll find a list of some of our available bible studies. Use the links to the left to read more about a specific studies.
  • If you are interested in starting a bible study using our materials, here is a checklist and information to help your group be successful.

Quick Start Checklist

  • Pray! Please don’t make a move without God’s leadership. We’ve learned not to plan something and ask God to bless it, but to hear from Him and follow His lead. We encourage you to find a small team of praying friends to pray with you about all aspects of beginning a group.
  • Obtain approval from your pastor, church staff, office manager, or whoever will be hosting the group. Be prepared to present the materials for review. If you’re a married woman, check with your husband before beginning.

Poll participants to determine the following:

  • Approximate number  interested
  • Approximate number of children needing childcare/nursery care, if any
  • Convenient times and location to meet

Determine the financial needs of the class:

  • DVD teaching series for lessons
  • Additional leader’s guides for leadership team
  • Nursery care
  • Publicity/invitations
  • Refreshments
  • Scholarships for those unable to purchase books

Plan to publicize:

  • Church newspaper
  • Posters
  • City newspaper
  • Local Christian radio station
  • Flyers
  • Church website

Forming a Leadership Team

Once you have made the commitment to lead a group, we suggest you form a leadership team to effectively pray for, guide, and facilitate the mentoring of your group. Depending on the size of your group, the following roles may need to be divided between two or more team members or combined with others. If yours is a small group, i.e. 3-6 members, you may be the person responsible for all of these roles. Our guide is written to accommodate all sizes of groups. God will bless your obedience to His calling on your life to minister to the women in your group.

Typically, Mentors/Team Leaders are mature believers who are enthusiastic and have a heart for ministering to others. Sometimes these leaders are physically older than those they lead, and sometimes they are not. Physical age does not always denote spiritual maturity. The ideal, of course, is to enlist older, wiser, godly men and women to facilitate the practical skills, lead the prayer groups and discussion times. However, many younger believers have very effectively led their groups, with people their own age, or even older.

Tips for Enlisting Leaders

As with every aspect of ministry, bathe the calling of leadership in prayer. You are looking for those who have a solid faith and an ongoing, growing relationship with Christ. Pray and ask God to show you those who have a heart for Him and a heart for others.  

These leaders don’t have to be “perfect.” They need to be willing to be vulnerable and open as they relate to others regarding what God has done in their own lives. As you pray, ask the Lord to show those He has chosen to serve as leaders for your group. This will be an exciting adventure.

If you are new to enlisting leadership, here are some helpful steps when you call potential leaders:

  • Identify yourself and briefly explain the mission of the Kardo ministry and the outline of the study you have chosen.
  • Honor your enlistee with encouragement and praise and explain why and where you feel they could serve.
  • Provide a description of his/her proposed position and its related responsibilities.
  • Give them approximately one week to pray and think about the decision.
  • Encourage them to discuss it with their spouse. Have them get back with you within a week’s time.
  • Keep a list of those you have called with dates and notes. If they do not call within the week, contact them again to see if you can answer any questions about their decision. Continue to pray for God’s direction.
  • Meet in person to explain the role in detail and the responsibilities.    

Leadership Team Roles & Responsibilities


This person has the gift of leadership and administration. They love to organize and are a natural leader. The Director/Administrator serves as the organizer, vision bearer, troubleshooter, and prayer warrior. They are a liaison between the church staff or host facility and the Kardo leadership team and group members. They are a detailed person who can also keep the big picture in mind.

Director/Administrator Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Obtains approval for the class from the church staff, supervisor at work, etc.
  • Coordinates the schedule of the class with the church or work calendar.
  • Enlists and provides leadership to the Leadership team for your study.
  • Coordinates leadership training and/or meetings.
  • Arrange/organize needed equipment and/or furniture.
  • Oversees the ordering of materials from Kardo headquarters in Houston.
  • Leads and/or assigns individuals to each class component.
  • Assigns group members and leaders. Make sure each woman is in the appropriate prayer group of 5 to 6 women with one Leader per group.
  • Coordinates the end of session evaluation process.

Leadership Tips for the Director/Administrator

  • Impress on the Leaders from the onset the importance of meeting early before class to pray together.
  • Encourage and pray with the leaders. Make yourself available. Call them periodically. (Ask them, “How is your group going?  How are you doing? Do you have any special prayer requests at this time?”)
  • Encourage Leaders to call their group members each week. Be especially sensitive to absentees.
  • Love, accept and pray for each leader and team member.
  • Delegate — let others help! They receive a blessing too!

Mentors/Team Leaders

These people are those who are mature believers ready to take the hand of others to pray and to lead them to Jesus and His Word for answers for their lives. It is ideal if they are older than those they are mentoring, or their children are older, but it is not a necessary requirement for leadership. These leaders aren’t perfect. They are those who love to pray and who are sensitive to the needs of others without being overwhelmed with the problems of others.

Mentors/Team Leaders Roles & Responsibilities

  • Pray for those in their groups.
  • Lead a small group of 5-6 in prayer during class.
  • Alternate teaching with other Leadership Team members.
  • Call, email or drop a note in the mail to those in their small group each week to provide encouragement, prayer and support.
  • Minister to those in their small group with love and understanding.
  • May be assigned to lead the optional discussion review from the Bible study homework.

Leadership Tips for Mentors/Team Leaders

You have answered the call for those who will encourage, edify, and mentor others in your group. We thank God for you! Yours is an important responsibility.You will be leading others of your small group to pray together and will minister to them with love and understanding. You will be asking questions of those in your group that will enable them to share their lives with each other.You will also be in charge of organizing the outreach ministry of your group. (Outreach ministry guidelines follow) One of the big ministries of a Kardo study is believers caring for others in times of joy and in times of stress.

Outreach Ministry Guidelines

Be available to those in your group — if they need someone to talk to or confide in, just BE THERE for them. Encourage them and pray for them. Stay in contact with them either by phone, letter, e-mail, text message, or in person each week.  This is vital to your ministry.

Take the lead in ministry during happy times and crisis times of members in your group. It is your responsibility to be aware of needs and see that your team of leaders and/or your group members minister to those in need. For instance, if someone in your group has a new baby, pass around a sign-up sheet to alternate taking meals to their house. The following are some suggestions of ways to reach out to the people in your group. There is always a need — always someone who needs to hear an encouraging word. Be of service to the women in your group and watch the bonding that takes place as the Lord’s goodness begins to show through you!

Times of Joy: Having a baby, Weddings, Graduation, Birthdays/Anniversaries, New Job, New Home

Times of Stress: A death in the family, Hospitalization Crisis in marriage Divorce Loss of job Financial crisis Accident, Crisis with children

Ministering to Specific Needs:

Death in Family — Even if you do not know what to say when there is a death in the family, be sure and go to visit anyway.  Most of all remember to be attentive two, three or four weeks after the loss — sometimes that is when the grief really sets in.  This is the decision-making time, and they need a “good listener.”

Ministering with Food — There is nothing better than a nice, hot, home-cooked meal delivered to you when you are sick. When taking food to someone who is sick, has had a baby, a death in the family, recently moved, etc., take food in disposable containers, such as foil pans.  They are inexpensive and the recipient will thank you a hundred times over.  When taking dinner, don’t forget the dessert, and maybe even a few after-dinner mints. They will love your added touch of finesse!

A word about confidentiality of information:  Please do not share any personal or pertinent information regarding your group members with anyone outside of your group unless a very specific circumstance arises (such as a member expressing thoughts that could prove to be a danger to themselves or others). If the members in your group would like to share phone numbers, addresses, etc. have them exchange among themselves.

Child Care Coordinator

If your group is providing childcare, it is helpful to have a Child Care Coordinator to organize the signing in and pickup up of children, to secure competent childcare workers, and ensure snacks and juice are available for the children.This role requires good organizational skills and a love of children. The Child Care Coordinator is the contact between the child care workers and the people in your group. For parents to be able to relax and enjoy the Bible studies, it is important that their children are well cared for.

Child Care Coordinator Roles & Responsibilities

  • Pray for God to call out Child Care workers who will lovingly care for the children.
  • Arrange for childcare workers.
  • Provide sign in/out sheets for moms for each nursery room.
  • Have an information sheet on each child.
  • Organize juice/snacks for the children.


This person has the gift of organization. They love to keep lists and keep themselves and others organized.

Registrar Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate the registration/sign up procedure (see Registration Guidelines in this Section)
  • Maintain an accurate and up to date roster of group member’s pertinent information (names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, spouse’s name, children’s names and ages).
  • Distribute updated roster to all leadership team members at the beginning of each class.Updates group members and leaders assignments as per Director/Administrator.
  • Coordinate the snacks/refreshments.


This person loves to network and promote. They have all the connections and may have many creative abilities. This role requires good organizational skills, perseverance and creativity.

Publicist Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Develop a promotional strategy for getting the word out in your church or community about your group.
  • Plan and distribute promotional materials – Ads in church bulletin, local newspaper, flyers, announcement in daycare, pre-school and school newsletters, radio Public Service Announcements, etc.

Interested in joining the Kardo Volunteer Team?

Kardo is always looking for those who have a heart for the ministry and would like to serve others. We would love to hear from you. Click here to contact us.

We have multiple volunteer opportunities available at our Houston office.

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